Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages and will only pay attention to relevant communication which varies by every customer demographic imaginable. When you can tap into an email marketing module that understands your customer demographics, interests and spending histories then you really have something special for delivering relevant communications to the proper customer. For example:

  • Send a birthday email campaign to only those customers who have an upcoming birthday, whether it’s the current month, next month or month(s) in advance, the choice is yours!
  • Reconnect with your customers who have not visited in the past 30 days, 60 days, or any timeframe desired. Let them know they have been missed and offer a reward to return.
  • Reward your top 200 customers based on dollars spent, frequency of visits, or many other custom categories with a special invitation or thank you offer.

You simply cannot achieve this level of communication with non-integrated 3rd party email applications such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response, SilverPOP et al. Instead of a batch of faceless email addresses you can now deliver timely, relevant, and heartfelt communications which show you care. ROI is why Preferred Loyalty offers truly integrated email marketing built right inside your account and connects with all the key information with point and click efficiency.


Preferred Loyalty includes all the baseline features available with any world class email marketing program, but with many key advantages you just can’t find anywhere else. These powerful marketing solutions are integrated inside an unusually simple and intuitive user interface. Here are just a few of the benefits designed to save you TIME and MONEY!

  • Query of the Database:
    Seamlessly query your customer database and create subscriber lists based on demographic criteria and transaction history (e.g., Females aged 18-35 who have not visited in 60 days).
  • Automatic Refresh of Subscriber Lists:
    Set your subscriber lists on Automatic Refresh and pull in subscriber list updates automatically each week based on list query criteria, without ANY human intervention.
  • Automatic Card Deactivation on Hard Bounce:
    Seamlessly handle and remove hard bounce emails from your database with automatic updating of your customer database, including the option to deactivate cards automatically and prevent reward redemption until the cardholder’s profile is updated with a new valid email address.

Please review our slideshow, PLS Rewards Email & Mobile Text Marketing, for complete details.