Using Your Card for Rewards

Using the Preferred Loyalty card is easy and rewarding. Cardholders earn cash back rewards when presenting their card at checkout so clerks can record the sale of the item/product(s) purchased. These rewards are in straight $.$$ currency (no complicated points) and can be redeemed on future sales as if you were spending real cash. For example, if the issuing merchant offers 10% cash back rewards and you spend $30.00 and present your card at checkout, your account will be credited with $30.00 x 10% = $3.00 cash reward. Just inform the clerk when you are ready to redeem your rewards so the value can be deducted from your bill. Each transaction receipt processed through the terminal will show your current balances. Your card is not redeemable for cash and no change will be given for unused value by the issuing merchant. You can, however, save up your rewards and use them anytime. There are no fees or hidden games with Preferred Loyalty so feel free to build your rewards card balance as high as possible and then go wild on the house!

Using the Card as a Gift Card

Your card can also be used as a traditional gift card. There are always two balances on your printed receipt, a Gift Balance and a Reward Balance. When using your card to pay for goods and services, your Gift Balance is withdrawn first followed by your Rewards Balance. Many merchants offer additional reward incentives when loading gift or items on your card in advance so ask the clerk about any gift card specials or rewards incentives available when loading money on the card.

Using the Card for Fundraising

In addition to the rewards and gift card capabilities described above, the card also supports fundraising to help raise money for your charitable organization. Just use the card exactly as described above and your charitable organization automatically accrues donations after every sale processed at checkout while you personally earn cash back rewards. Most merchants donate back between 5% and 10% of all sales from card usage back to your non-profit organization throughout the year to thank your organization for its patronage. If you received your card directly from a non-profit organization then you already have fundraising enabled. If you’re unsure if your card supports fundraising, simply login to your account online to find out. If not, ask your merchant how your card can be used to benefit your local cause or organization.