Just like our Email Marketing solutions, our Mobile Text Marketing module is completely integrated with your Preferred Loyalty customer database for best practice opt-in communications and reward strategies. Professional email marketers are keenly aware of blacklisting, spam, even lawsuits for unlawful communication. Well, the mobile phone is even more protected than the INBOX so this makes integration a virtual requirement. Even if there were no rules or laws today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages and will only pay attention to relevant communication anyway. There has never been a more important time for integration with query of the database functionality than today and it’s quickly becoming a requirement rather than a ‘nice to have.’ When you can tap into a mobile marketing strategy that lets you tap personal interests, spending histories, and specific requests, then you really have something special for delivering relevant communications to the proper customer. For example:

  • Enable customers to activate their rewards card by text message and automatically unlock a free reward available for instant redemption through the security and convenience of their card.
  • Text your database of non-profit fundraising members to remind them of the donations their charitable organization earns after every visit.
  • Deliver a savings promotion (e.g., $10 Reward, Free Appetizer/Dessert) to your Top 100 customers, folks with an upcoming birthday in the next month, or those who have not visited in the past 30/60/90 days.

You simply cannot achieve this level of communication with non­integrated 3rd party text providers. Even if you could, the numerous added steps involved to assure target marketing would be tedious, time consuming and not at all fail safe. Why risk your entire marketing strategy when it’s easier, simpler and less expensive to integrate? Instead of a batch of faceless mobile numbers you can now deliver timely, relevant, and heartfelt communications which show you care. ROI is why Preferred Loyalty offers truly integrated mobile marketing built right inside your account and connects with all the key information with point and click efficiency.